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About Us

Genuine Lexmark Cartridges

Trusted to perform in big business, ready to perform in your business


We design quality and reliability into every Lexmark cartridge

  • Only genuine Lexmark cartridges are designed from conception with Lexmark printers
  • Lexmark's patented components work seamlessly together to put toner exactly where you want it

We manufacture to the highest standards

  • Parts have to pass a rigorous quality approval process before being used
  • Once assembled, every Lexmark print cartridge must pass a visual inspection as well as complete performance evaluation
It is risky using non-Lexmark supplies
  • Extra Replacements – Unplanned replacements are inefficient and add cost
  • Reprints – Mismatched components cause printing defects – reprinting for any reason doubles your cost
  • Service Calls – Toner that is not matched to the printer can break gears and cause paper jams. This damage is not covered by printer warranty and will require a service call
  • Lost Information – If toner doesn't stay on your page your document wont last and valuable content is lost
  • Early Printer Retirements – A cartridge that isn't optimised for the printer leaves toner to accumulate reducing printer life.
Be hassle-free with Lexmark warranty
  • Lexmark offers limited lifetime warranty on all genuine Lexmark manufactured toner cartridges – warranting that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the cartridge.
Contact us on 02 8287 1949 or Email sales@lexmarkwebshop.com.au