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Environmental Sustainability at Lexmark


When it comes to our planet, there is no substitute. Lexmark is committed to protecting our planet's natural resources and proud of the progress we are making to reduce the environmental impacts of printing.

Environmental sustainability at Lexmark begins with our pledge to provide innovative, high-quality printing solutions and services for our customers in a safe, environmentally responsible manner; it encompasses our operations, where we deploy cost-effective best practices for energy conservation, wise water use, and waste reduction; and it extends to our support of community, where Lexmark employees are dedicated to creating cleaner, smarter, safer futures where we live and work.



Lexmark's award-winning products are designed for ease of use, high-quality output and reliable performance, with innovative solutions that let customers reduce the number of pages they print, minimize the number of cartridges they use over the life of the printer, and conserve energy. Our goal is to design, package and deliver our products in an environmentally responsible manner, then implement effective strategies for reuse and recycling when they reach end of life.



Conserving and protecting the planet's natural resources and preventing pollution are core to managing Lexmark's worldwide operations. We are continually looking for new ways to integrate environmental thinking into our operations to improve energy efficiency; protect and conserve water resources; and minimize waste by practicing the fundamental principles of reduce, recover, reuse and recycle.



We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work, the environment, and to the world community as well. We honor those commitments by pledging to maintain safe and healthy workplaces, monitoring and complying with all laws and regulations, and engaging in community partnerships that enhance the natural environment.


For further details PLEASE download our Environmental Sustainability Report.

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